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Alliance Partners


Sybase partners with some of the world's leading technology providers to provide complete and integrated IT solutions for customers in data warehousing, enterprise application development and deployment, data management, and mobile computing.

Sybase, Inc.
Bradmark's Surveillance for Sybase is the ideal monitoring solution for Sybase ASE, Replication Server or IQ-based environments. Bradmark's Surveillance is the first comprehensive and cross-functional set of monitoring tools that satisfy all data management needs across your entire Sybase installation and beyond. Through a common interface and highly scaleable technology, you can now monitor and maintain all of your systems and keep your end users happy.
Sybase, Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Together, HP and Sybase provide innovative solutions for business intelligence, data integration infrastructure, financial services, and mobility. Our solutions include Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio, Sybase IQ, Sybase Enterprise Portal, and Sybase Financial Fusion.
Sybase, Inc.
Together, Sybase and IBM deliver the industry’s lowest cost, lowest risk enterprise-class Linux solution for mission-critical database applications with Sybase ASE on IBM OpenPower Systems. This partnership is an alignment of Sybase’s long term investment in enterprise data management on Linux and IBM’s long term commitment to provide the best Linux platform, based on the proven POWER architecture.
Sybase, Inc.
Sybase, Inc.
Together, Intel and Sybase help developers deliver mobile enterprise applications that are available anytime, anywhere, using a wired, public wireless, or Wi-Fi network. Through our Unwired Enterprise initiatives, Sybase and its subsidiary iAnywhere are working with Intel to accelerate the adoption of mobility for the enterprise.
Sybase, Inc.
Red Hat - Partner logo - 100px   Red Hat
For the first time, enterprises will get the flexibility of on-demand IT resource management combined with the industry’s best data management solutions for Linux. Sybase and Red Hat join together to provide next generation information management appliances on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with the integrated virtualization required for maximum database performance.
Sybase, Inc.
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