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Sybase and HP

HP and Sybase provide innovative solutions for business intelligence, data integration infrastructure, financial services, and mobility.


HPTogether, HP and Sybase deliver unmatched price/performance in data management, analytics and mobility for the enterprise, from handheld to data center.

Sybase is a premier partner for the HP Integrity server platform that delivers the lowest TCO for mission-critical service levels while keeping the business running smoothly.

Sybase IQ Analytics Server deployed on HP servers is built from the ground-up to deliver customers dramatically faster results for business intelligence, reporting solutions, advanced analytics, risk analysis, and data warehousing solutions.

What People Are Saying:

"Sybase values HP's efforts around Converged Infrastructure with the release of their new HP Integrity Systems," says Mark Westover, Vice President of Sybase Partner Group "Together we are committed to offer customers world-class analytic performance with Sybase IQ on HP Integrity Systems that delivers higher value at a lower cost."

“Together, Sybase IQ and the new HP Integrity Systems can enhance the flexibility of business-critical applications and reduce the total cost of application delivery for the most demanding data-intensive environments.  Customers need to minimize the cost of delivery for their real-time data results, analytics and reporting services as well as ensure the availability of data resources to the clients that depend on them."




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