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TradeForce Solution

Financial Fusion TradeForce Solution is the industry's most complete solution designed to meet the electronic trading requirements of the securities industry.


Notice: TradeForce Solution is no longer offered by Sybase. If you would like to speak with a Sybase representative to see how Sybase can meet your business requirements through other Sybase products and solutions, contact our sales team nearest you.


Technical Documents


TradeForce Solution enables you to standardize your financial messaging system for trade initiation, reconciliation and settlement cycles on the infrastructure of your choice. TradeForce Solution's high throughput capacity and easy integration with multiple messaging environments allow you to trade with your customers quickly and easily. Have offices around the world? TradeForce lets you pass your trading book seamlessly from office to office, offering your customers more execution options. Plus, it can also help you gain a single view of all of your holdings, enabling more accurate holdings statements and risk assessment.

TradeForce Solution Configuration:

Features and Benefits:

Single Platform

  • Multi-financial Messages on a single platform

High Availability

  • Unique FIX-clustering architecture for highest possible availability

Unlimited Scalability

  • Supports unlimited scalability using the clustering feature

Flexible and Adaptable

  • Flexible and adaptable to meet new industry initiatives like FIX over the SWIFT network

Connects and Integrates

  • Connects and integrates all internal and external systems

High Performance and Reliability

  • Most mature Java/J2EE implementation for high performance and reliability


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