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Adaptive Server Enterprise Partitions

With ASE 15’s partitioning capability, your DBAs can perform management and maintenance tasks more quickly on individual smaller partitions―rather than on huge tables and indexes.


What People Are Saying

ASE 15 - Semantic Partitions to the Rescue
Learn how semantic partitions can reduce maintenance times, manage data growth, and provide a performance boost.

More Effective Administration through ASE Partitioning
Learn how database administrators can leverage partitions to streamline and optimize maintenance tasks.


“Using the semantic partitions in Sybase ASE, it is possible to provide horizontal scalability in an otherwise vertically scalable system, resulting in efficient use of hardware and software resources.”
Carl Olofson, Research Vice President,
IDC, September 2007

“The rapid growth of our business has seen claims records grow nearly 500 percent in five years, and our ability to manage this burgeoning data effectively and drill down into it for greater business insight links directly to risk management, cost containment and the enhanced quality of service we provide our clients. Sybase is the bedrock of our data management capabilities and an important contributor to our business success.”
Pierre Robertson, Head of Decision Support Systems,
Metropolitan Health Group

“The National Logistics Information Platform involves a huge volume of data and requires fast processing, complex network architecture and real-time capabilities. Sybase’s powerful database software fully meets these requirements.”
Zhang Boju, Information Manager,
China Railway Express



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