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製品 > データベース管理 > Adaptive Server Enterprise > ASE 15 のデータ暗号化およびセキュリティ

Adaptive Server Enterprise Data Encryption & Security

ASE 15 allows you to protect your data more effectively than ever before, keeping data secure at all times―whether in transit, when accessed or while at rest.


What People Are Saying

“I absolutely like ASE, because it is a product where you know exactly what you're dealing with. All our ASE installations, including the large one on the main server, are very stable. Our central index server, as well as Passport Canada print centers are 24/7, so reliability is extremely important. In the event of hardware failure we always manage to recover it completely without any side effects or data loss. In my view, this is extraordinary and not something I take by default.”
Dragana Davidovic, Head of Database Services, Passport Canada

“We looked at every possible option and concluded that the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Encryption Option was the best solution for us.”
Larry Gillen, Principal Database Administrator Phoenix Newspapers
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“We have been evaluating encryption technology for the last four years. The first solution we implemented could not keep up with our performance requirements. After evaluation, Sybase ASE was selected because it exceeded the service levels we’d established as a benchmark. Even under three-times peak loads, there was no performance degradation using enhanced encryption.”
Tad Hawkins, vice president, IT Architecture ACS, Human Capital Management Solutions

“We have full confidence that [ASE’s] stability, security and reliability will result in stable operations and profitability.”
Zhang Boju, Information Manager China Railway Express
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“Sybase keeps data secure and has the lowest vulnerabilities out there — it’s the best-kept secret.”
IT manager of an insurance company,
Sybase Remains A Strong Enterprise DBMS (March 5, 2008)
Noel Yuhanna Forrester Consulting

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