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SQL Anywhere for BlackBerry


SQL Anywhere 11 includes UltraLite®J, a lightweight relational database and data synchronization client for BlackBerry smartphones and for J2SE. Java™ developers will be able to use UltraLiteJ to build robust mobile applications and extend enterprise data to mobile users.


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With more than 10 million deployed databases and thousands of application partners, SQL Anywhere is a trusted technology that successful companies use when building mobile and embedded database solutions. SQL Anywhere provides powerful database and data synchronization capabilities that enable companies to build secure, reliable, scalable and high performing applications for server, desktop, mobile and embedded environments.

SQL Anywhere for BlackBerry complements existing offerings from RIM and gives developers what they need to build tomorrow’s mobile enterprise applications. A single synchronization server integrates BlackBerry, Windows® Mobile and Palm® OS clients into enterprise systems. UltraLiteJ, designed specifically for the BlackBerry, provides a familiar JDBC-like SQL interface to the BlackBerry developer.

UltraLiteJ is a lightweight relational database.

It provides table-based storage in a single database store, primary and foreign keys, indexing for fast data access, transaction support including atomic transactions (rollback and commit), database recovery, and SQL data access. UltraLiteJ is configurable, allowing you to store data in a persistent fashion or to run as an in-memory database.

UltraLiteJ is a client for SQL Anywhere MobiLink data synchronization.

It provides the ability to carry out change-based, two-way data synchronization on subsets of a database or on a complete database. Synchronization operates over either HTTP or HTTPS. Each data upload to the server or download from the server is carried out as a single transaction.

As a synchronization client, UltraLiteJ provides on-device change tracking and synchronization functions so that BlackBerry JDE developers can build data synchronization right into their applications. Together with MobiLink it lets you extend Oracle®, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase ASE, and SQL Anywhere databases to mobile devices, and also provides an interface for other enterprise systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning applications and Web services. MobiLink is a mature data synchronization technology that has been used in many enterprise environments with thousands of clients.

UltraLiteJ supports BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 4.1 or later.

To develop BlackBerry applications you must have the appropriate BlackBerry development tools. UltraLiteJ is intended for use with the Research in Motion BlackBerry JDE version 4.1 or later, and MDS Services. BlackBerry development tools are available from the BlackBerry Developer Program.


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