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Consumer Banking Solution

The Sybase eBanking 365 Consumer Banking Solution gives your customers one-stop access to all their financial information from a single branded location―your website.


Features & Benefits

The Sybase eBanking 365 Consumer Banking Solution offers you all of the components of an outstanding e-finance channel, including banking, bill payment and presentment, money movement, payment and transfer warehousing, stop payments, online statements, check and deposit item images, account reconciliation and expense management, alerts, advisory services, personalization, content services, account aggregation, one-to-one marketing and support for personal finance management (PFM).

Mobile banking and payments are supported with the addition of Sybase 365’s Mobile Commerce suite ? Sybase mBanking 365 and Sybase mPayments 365. For institutions looking to launch branchless-banking, Sybase mMoney 365 enables the provision of financial services for underserved segments such as the unbanked.

Our team has worked to provide a solution that offers the industry's best user experience with an architecture so advanced, it’s strategic. In addition, world-class partnerships enable us to offer the Consumer e-Finance Suite as an on-premise, Application Service Provider (ASP) model or Enterprise Class Hosting environment.

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